About ICES

The mission of ICES is to promote environmental awareness and responsibility on our campus through education, activism, and stewardship, while reaching out both within our campus and to the larger community of Ithaca. Our topics include alternative energy, green collar jobs, environmental and social justice, ecofeminism, animal rights, local and organic food, food politics, sustainable agriculture, recycling and resource management, green building design and peace portfolios, Aldo Leopold, Al Gore, national parks, toxicity and cancer, corporate social responsibility, chemical imbalancing, fair trade foods, and much, much more!

ICES strives to raise awareness of sustainability issues while promoting environmentally responsible behaviors. We operate as the umbrella group for the environmental organizations on campus and collaborate with them to sponsor tons of environmentally themed events throughout the year, such as:
  • Earth Week
  • Campus Sustainability Day
  • Natural Beauty Campaign
  • free swap meets
  • presentations
  • film screenings
  • vegetarian teach-ins
  • local food events
And we do lots of fun things as a group, including:
  • apple picking, always a fall favorite!
  • trash cleanups on campus and around Ithaca, such as in Stewart Park
  • activism on and off campus, such as attending rallies and hearings (locally and at the national level, such as Power Shift) on environmental issues
  • potlucks, hikes, and bonfires!

Spring 2012 Executive Board:
Co-Presidents: Jeremy Betterley and Margaret Keating
Co-Vice Presidents: Daniel Weller and Allison Currier
Secretary: Siobhan Cavanagh
Treasurer: Stephanie Bartzick
PR: Curt McConnell
Recruitment Officer: Sachiko Ishihara

Join us!
- We meet every Monday at 6pm in Friends 210. All are welcome! Bring a friend, meet new people... we also usually try to have some kind of delicious, sustainable snack to share!
- If you can't make the meetings, sign up for the listserve so you can receive meeting notes and keep abreast of what we're up to.
- If nothing else, everyone is always welcome at our events!
- Contact us here, on Facebook, or via email (ices1970@gmail.com)