Sunday, September 11, 2011

We want YOU!

Our Mission:
By promoting sustainable behaviors in IC residence halls, the Eco-Reps Program strives to create an understanding of sustainability withing the community and reduce the campus' carbon footprint.
Job Description:
The IC Eco-Reps are a group of 25 residential students who help raise awareness about ecological issues and encourage environmentally responsible behavior of campus residents. Eco-Reps educate their residence hall mates about environmental issues such as waste reduction and energy conservation and help plan related activities in their residence halls. Eco-Reps must attend regular training and planning meetings (Monday nights from 7pm-8pm). At each meeting you'll be introduced to a new topic, help plan activities, and brainstorm actions you'll take in your residence halls over the following weeks. Other duties include group activities, collaborative projects, and opportunities to represent the Eco-Reps Program at various campus events.
What We Are Looking For:
               Effective communication skills (through a variety of means)
               Ability to work independently and collaboratively
               Ability to see projects through to completion
               Ability to learn information about environmental topics and relate that information to your peers
               Enthusiastic, engaging individuals who are passionate about environmental and social issues
               Students who can be held accountable for their work
               Creativity and enthusiasm
What You Will Gain:
               Leadership and peer education skills
               Knowledge of environmental and social topics
               The experience of working with other passionate students
               $7.25/hour for four hours of work per week (work study is not required)
Time Commitment:
Eco-Reps commit an average of 4 hours/week plus 1-hour meetings on most Mondays. Eco-Reps who miss more than one meeting per semester may be asked to leave the program. Much of your work will be done independently, on your own schedule. There will be requests for participation in occasional group events and training opportunities. Fall training (Saturday, August 28, 9-9:30) is MANDATORY for all Eco-Reps.
To Apply:
Complete an application found online at and submit it by September 2.

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