Thursday, October 20, 2011

Crop Mob at Stick and Stone Farm: This Sunday!

Fall is here, and it's time to dig roots!  All summer long beet and carrot plants have been channeling nutrients down their leaves, sending tiny roots into the soil, and collecting energy in their orange and red sweet and crisp roots. Come help Lucy and Chaw of Stick and Stone Farm dig and pull the roots which will be stored and dolled out over the winter to CSA members, local restaurants and grocery stores.  You might even toss one in your cart at Greenstar later this year!

Special note: This mob is an opportunity for you to help raise money to support low-income families, schools, and community centers in our area in getting healthy farm-fresh food. You can get pledges for each pound of root veggies you harvest at Stick and Stone and the money goes straight to Ithaca Community Harvest, which also funds the BJM Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Snack Program. Sign-up here to take the harvest challenge!

Whether you raise money or not, come on out to the farm for some fun and to get reconnected back to the root of local food!

Where: Stick and Stone Farm, 1605 Trumansburg Rd., Ithaca (also known as Buffalo St., Cliff St., Rt. 96) - 4.5 miles from downtown Ithaca
When: Sunday October 23nd, 10am-1pm, followed by lunch
Who: you, your friends and family, your kids, but not your dog
What to bring: place setting: plate, bowl, spoon/fork; dress for the weather, and for mud; full water bottle
Please RSVP so Stick and Stone knows how much lunch to make at: 

About Ithaca Crop Mob:

We are a group of farmers and community members who love our local farms. Once a month, we assemble and "mob" a local farm, putting our hands to work to accomplish a goal. Afterwards, we share a meal. All are welcome!
Participants in the 2011 Sustainable Community Challenge Jumpstart Program work during a crop mob at West Haven Farm.

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