Monday, October 3, 2011

Meatless Month Challenge: Sign the Pledge Today!

This month Ithaca Dining Services is challenging people to go sign the pledge to go meatless once a day, once a week, or go vegetarian or vegan. They would like to see how much we can reduce IC's meat consumption this October and for the rest of the year.

Reducing meat consumption is one of the most significant personal lifestyle choices you can make to reduce your environmental impact. It really requires much more space than a simple blog post to explain why, but here's just an introduction of some of the issues (and this is a great website for all sorts of other food/sustainability issues). While you're here, check out this sweet video, The Meatrix:

To get started on your veg challenge, go to the World Vegetarian Day celebration event today in Towers Dining Hall from 5-7pm and sign the Meatless Month pledge. There are lots of resources on the web for helping you get an idea of how to eat balanced meals and get all the nutrition you need, and tons of blogs with recipes and ideas. (Actually the resources really are endless.) My personal favorite, as a vegan, is this one... talk about drool-worthy photos.

Ithaca Dining Services wants to hear your story; send them an email, Facebook or blog comment, and Tweet about your experience!

Twitter: icdining
Facebook: Ithaca Dining Services

If you ever need ideas, inspiration, or just want to talk about vegetarianism or especially veganism, leave a comment or send me an email (!

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