Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tomorrow: Fracking Rally and Occupy Bikes!

Tomorrow (Friday) Frack Off is holding an anti-fracking rally at 4pm at Free Speech Rock. Come out and show your support (and sign the petitions if you haven't) demanding that Ithaca College bans fracking on its lands, and that NYS officially bans fracking. If you don't know much about fracking (hydraulic fracturing), go to Frack Off's screening of "Gasland" in Textor 101 at 7pm tonight, and then check out Shaleshock's website for tons of information.

After the rally, join the critical mass bike ride around downtown Ithaca in solidarity of the Occupy Wall St. movement. Celebrate Halloween (optional of course) by dressing up as scary Wall St. bankers and corporate CEOs, zombies and vampires, or beautiful revolutionaries and occupiers! We will ride to some of the haunts of Ithaca's 1% and through the neighborhoods of the 99% and do some outreach while we ride. Then descend on the Commons for Friday night festivities!

Let's show the strength of this movement by creating a community movement on two wheels! If anyone is interested in riding down from IC, contact Margaret Keating at We will assemble after the fracking rally at 5pm and head down to the Bank of America ATM on Seneca St.

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