Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Green Transportation for Thanksgiving Break

Need a ride home? Or looking for some passengers for some company and to split the costs of driving? Check out Zimride, which provides a super easy way for members to organize carpools. Whether going home for Thanksgiving or doing a cross country road trip, Zimride has you covered!

How to take advantage of Zimride:
1. Sign-in with your Ithaca College email.
2. Driving? Post your trip and sell the empty seats in your car to fellow Ithaca College students.
3. Need a ride? Grab a seat from a Ithaca College student heading home for the holidays.

You can also check out the Tompkins County network, which would broaden your search results.

Taking public transportation is the least impactful way for one person to get home, but driving a full car (that is relatively fuel-efficient) may actually have a lower carbon footprint. So if you have to drive, make sure your car is full!

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