Thursday, January 19, 2012

Ithaca Freeskool class: Learning Songs of Resistance

Another message from the Share Tompkins listserve:

Are you interested in singing out against fracking, the one percent, capitalism, endless war [fill in the blank]? Want to ready your vocal cords for the EF! Round River Rendezvous coming to a place near you in July 2012?
I have a copy of "Hootenanny" and "Rise Up Singing," and a burning desire to learn and recycle historical songs of resistance. If we put our heads together, sharing what we know and using the Internet and each other
as resources, we can come out of the Freeskool 2012 semester with a dozen or so songs under our belts and ready to belt out at protests and marches and full moon bonfires, or where- and whenever the spirit moves us.

I envision each participant sharing a song s/he already knows, or tracking down the melody of a particular song that speaks to her/him, via the Internet, library, and/or media, and introducing it to the rest of the class. In this way, we are all the teachers and all the learners. If this format appeals to you, join me and my guitar in the Community Room of Jillian's Drawers on The Commons on Wednesday, 8 February at 7pm (notice the schedule change from the Freeskool flyer!). Musical instruments, music books, sheet music, etc. are all welcome, but optional. Be sure to bring your revolutionary spirit, your vocal cords, and a whole lot of hot air.

An RSVP to Liza would be gravy:

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