Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Crooked Carrot CSK and The Good Life Farm

Wow, I'm doing a terrible job of keeping this updated. But I do manage the Google Calendar of sustainability events almost every day or at least whenever I get emails about or hear about cool events. So check it out: here (also on the sidebar on the left). Or, if you use Google Calendar I can share the calendar with you so it can appear on your own, and that way you don't have to keep checking back. Just shoot me an email and I can do that for you: mkeatin1@ithaca.edu.

But I did want to share something I saw a poster for at the TC Public Library yesterday: Crooked Carrot, Ithaca's first Community Supported Kitchen (CSK). Just check it out, it looks awesome. I want to join!

Also, just a random shoutout to the Good Life Farm, just up the lake in Interlaken. We visited them on the 2010 Jumpstart Sustainable Community Challenge bus trip around the lake. It's a sweet place. Horse power!

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