Thursday, March 15, 2012

Old Goat Gear Exchange

Old Goat Gear Exchange is a new outdoor gear store located conveniently in downtown Ithaca. I scoped it out yesterday. Looks pretty awesome... of course I wanted to buy a lot of stuff, but I resisted. They have mostly used gear and clothing and some new as well, for much cheaper than you'd find new.They've got camping, biking, hiking, trekking, and paddling gear. You can also sell your gear there too! Another great place to reuse your stuff and buy used, giving both the environment and your wallet a break.

Check it out at 320 E. State Street, just down the block from Viva.

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1 comment:

  1. Exchange or sell used gears are a very good ideas as they are not used often. Its better to sell them or exchange. Also buying used outdoor gears can cost you far lower than of a new one. To buy, sell or exchange them, a common place is very much important to meet the need of the buyer and the sellers.